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Invest a little time in your future

Life never stands still, so it's good to get advice as and when your financial goals and priorities change. The best advice is the advice that helps you reach the results you want. That's why we've teamed up with Legal & General - one of the UK's leading financial services companies - to give clear and straightforward financial advice.

Just to be aware, Legal & General offer a 'restricted advice' service, which means that they can only offer products and services from Legal & General and selected fund managers.

  • Why take financial advice?

    Everybody's financial goals are different. That's why any financial advice needs to be personal to you.

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  • Legal & General, us and you.

    We've teamed up with Legal & General to give you clear, straightforward and helpful advice.

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  • What our customers think.

    Watch the short video below to see one of our customers talk about his financial planning experience with Leeds Building Society and Legal & General.

  • What to expect?

    Taking financial advice might seem a bit daunting and a bit confusing. Find out what happens at a financial advice appointment.

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Why we think it’s important

We strongly believe that having someone on your high street to turn to for sound financial advice is important and that's why we still offer this invaluable service to our members. Once you have all the facts you will have the confidence to make the right short, medium and long-term financial decisions for you.

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