Why we need evidence of your identity

To ensure Leeds Building Society comply with Money Laundering Regulations, we must verify your identity and your address before opening an account. However, if you are an existing Leeds Building Society member and opening a new account with identical personal details, you do not ordinarily need to provide any further proof of identity.

In the case of a joint application, identification for each applicant must be supplied. Please note that we will not be able to open an account without the correct identification.

Please provide one item from the following list to confirm your address:

  • Bank, building society, or credit card statement (less than three months old);
  • A utility bill less than three months old (a mobile telephone bill is not acceptable)

Documents confirming residency must be addressed to the account holder and dated within the last three months (in the case of joint applicants with the same surname, i.e. married couples, the document can be addressed to either of the account holders)

Please provide one item from the following list to confirm your identity:

  • UK/Gibraltar Passport
  • National ID card

For confirmation of identity, the documents produced must be originals or copies certified by an accountant, banker, financial institution or lawyer. For confirmation of address, the documents produced must be originals or certified copies dated within the last three months.

If you are applying to open an account by post, you will need to send any two of the documents listed above to confirm your address and a certified copy of your Passport or National ID Card


  • a cheque drawn on your personal (sole or joint) account. This cheque could be for the entire opening balance, or a nominal sum, provided it is accompanied by another cheque, ensuring that the sum of all cheques sent covers at least the minimum account opening balance. We will return the original documents to you after we have opened your account.

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