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In the event that the balance falls below the minimum investment as stated within the product details, the basic investment rate of interest, which is currently 0.05% Gross‡ p.a./AER† (variable), shall apply.

  • Freedom 30 (Issue 3)

    Interest rate:

    0.65% Gross‡ p.a./AER† (variable)


    Best for:
    Variable rate account

    • Interest paid: is calculated daily and paid annually on 30 April (commencing 30 April 2017).
    • Minimum operating balance: €2,500
    • Maximum operating balance: €1,000,000 (€2,000,000 for joint accounts) plus accrued interest credited to the account.
    • Withdrawals: One withdrawal without notice or loss of interest can be made per calendar year. Further withdrawals are subject to not less than 30 days notice. Cash deposits and withdrawals are not permitted. Withdrawals can only be made by cheque.
    • Assuming an investment of €2,500 is made on 1st May for 12 months, at the variable rate of 0.65% Gross* per annum/AER#, the value of your Freedom 30 (Issue 3) on the following 30th April (interest payment date) will be €2,516.25 (pre-deduction of tax) and €2,509.59 (post deduction of tax). Warning: these figures are estimates only. They are not a reliable guide to the future performance of your investment.

    The Freedom 30 (Issue 3) may be closed for further investment upon a minimum of 30 days written notice, after which you will not be able to invest further funds.

    Please read Product Terms & Conditions in conjunction with the General Investment Conditions (Ireland) for full details

    Rates correct as at 5 OCT 2016

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