3 handy mobile apps to track your spending

by Leeds Building Society

We all know that keeping track of your spending can be hard, so we’re doing our bit to help. We’ve reviewed some of the mobile apps available on iPhone and Android to help you keep track of your spending and help you reach your savings goals.

Money Dashboard

This app allows you to monitor your savings accounts, credit cards and current accounts in the palm of your hand.

Money Dashboard gives you a view of your finances by showing where your money goes across all your online financial accounts. On most accounts, transactions and balances are refreshed daily, so you're up to date with your current financial position at a glance. This information is then displayed in your personal Dashboard.


  • All your different accounts can be viewed together in one handy app
  • It uses high level banking security and you can’t transact within the app
  • Very little manual set up – pull in all transactions from your accounts
  • Auto tags your spending into broad categories depending on the shop to show you what you are spending your money on – tags can be changed manually if needed
  • Set budgets for yourself about how much you want to spend in each category per month – lets you know your progress on the dashboard so you can monitor it
  • Can compare figures to previous months
  • There’s a full website app if you don’t want to use on a smart phone
  • Easy to use, user friendly layout and design
  • Set up savings goals and track how you are working towards them


  • The app needs to access your bank accounts to work and you need all your login details to add them
  • Setting up the budgets can take time
  • Can be a little slow at pulling in transactions – it's dependent on when your bank registers transactions


This app offers collaborative finance in a smart calendar for individuals, families and teams, the choice is yours. Dollarbird allows you to add past, future or recurring transactions and categorise them with a bit of AI help. Track them on mobile and plan ahead on the web.

Be smarter about money. With your balance calculated automatically for each day, month or year, understanding your current and projected financial situation is so easy you might even call it fun.


  • The app doesn’t link your bank accounts, everything is manually inputted
  • You can categorise your expenses by date and label them by type – it learns as you go so this becomes easier with time
  •  Input budgets by spending type and helps you keep track of where you are with your spending against that budget and you can compare them to previous months
  • Data is stored on a cloud so you can access from any device
  • Displays balances based on what you input – doesn’t need to wait for banks to update transactions


  • All manual input
  • Quite simple and basic – it doesn’t use graphs or anything fancy
  • You have to remember to put all your transactions in
  • Some menus and buttons are a little bit confusing until you get used to them


Unsplurge is an app to set financial goals and save for them in a unique and fun way. The app provides a gateway to a community of savvy savers and spenders who can also share their goals and savings.


  • Designed to help you record your saving achievements and get encouragement from the Unsplurge user community
  • Simple to use – just input your goal and you are off
  • Easy to update where you are with targets
  • Gives you tips to improve savings
  • Get community encouragement toward your goal by sharing your achievements with the user community – send/receive messages to help others and congratulate achievement


  • Doesn’t manage finances more just a goal tracker
  • It’s in US dollars
  • Basic functionality, so not suitable if you're looking for greater level of detail

Savings Calculator

Want to know how long it will take you to reach your savings goal? Take a look at our handy savings calculator.


This information does not constitute financial advice given by Leeds Building Society. No reliance should be placed on this guide and you must make your own decisions, we recommend that you seek financial advice if you have any questions or queries.