Pound Power: what can you buy for a pound?

by Leeds Building Society

What can you buy for a pound? Then and now

The purchasing power of the Great British Pound has changed dramatically over the last century.

For those who weren't sensibly saving their money, here's how 20th Century Britons could have splashed their cash.

Pound Power Infographic  


20s - 7.5 litres of Petrol, 120 First Class Stamps, 12 loaves of bread 
Sources: AAPR Newswire

30s - 22.71 litres of Petrol, 26 Bars of Soap, 20 cinema tickets
Sources: AABlack Country Living Museum

40s - 15.52 litres of Petrol, 96 First Class Stamps, 12 pints of beer
Sources: AAPR NewswireSheffield Forum

50s - 10.22 litres of Petrol, 26 Pints of milk, 80 First Class Stamps
Sources: AAPlumbs DairyPR Newswire

60s - 6.44 litres of Petrol, 22 loaves of bread, 15 pints of milk
Sources: AAGuardian

70s - 48 eggs, 4.54 litres of Petrol, 22 First Class Stamps
Sources: GuardianAAPR Newswire

80s - 6 First Class Stamps, 5 pints of milk, 2.27 litres of Petrol
Sources: PR NewswireBBCAA

90s - 4 First Class Stamps, 1.44 litres of Petrol, 2 loaves of sliced bread
Sources: PR NewswireGuardianThis is Money

00s - 1.02 litres of Petrol, 3 First Class Stamps, 2.8 pints of milk
Sources: GuardianBBC

10s - 0.6 litres of Petrol, 1 and a half tins of baked beans, 150mg of crisps
Sources: The SunMetroTorquay International School

Price of pint in Tajikistan: Pintprice.com

1 traditional hat in Vietnam: Dealchecker.com

5 cans of soft drink in Egypt: Numbeo.com

3 songs on karaoke in South Korea: Dealchecker.com

1 bottle of wine in Hungary: Dealchecker.com

1 haircut in the Philippines: Dealchecker.com

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