Community Reward Scheme

Standard Terms and Conditions of Grant (“Society Standard Conditions”)

This document sets out the terms and conditions upon which the Society has agreed to accept applications to the Scheme, and upon which the Society has agreed to provide a Grant to successful Projects.

    1. The promoter of the Grant is Leeds Building Society whose head office is located at 105 Albion Street, Leeds LS1 5AS (the “Society”).
    2. A reference to parkrun is a reference to the following companies and events organised by them: parkrun Limited registered in England and Wales with company number 07289574, parkrun Global Limited registered in England and Wales with company number 09411750 and parkrun Trading Limited registered in England and Wales with company number 06053983, all of whom have their registered office address at Unit 3 Lower Deck, Phoenix Wharf, Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 3DY (“parkrun”).
    3. The Society through its partnership with parkrun has agreed to set up a community reward scheme (the “Scheme”). The Scheme enables the Society to direct a proportion of its parkrun sponsorship funding to be donated to not for profit organisations supporting the local parkrun community, and / or the Society may provide volunteering support to the local parkrun community and / or at its discretion the Society or parkrun may choose to make one off donations of equipment or similar (the “Grant”).
    4. The Society invites applications from parkrun members (“Applicants”), to nominate a not for profit organisation (“Organisation”), who are looking to secure funding or volunteer support or one off donations of equipment or similar items for a project which will bring a positive benefit to a local parkrun community (the “Project”).
    5. The successful Projects will be selected at the discretion of the Society. The type and amount of Grant will be at the sole discretion of the Society. The Society may at its discretion award a Grant (amount or type) different from that applied for. Successful Organisations will be required to sign a Grant Funding Agreement with the Society before any Grant is awarded.
    6. Financial Grants may be awarded, if a financial Grant is awarded, an Organisation can expect to receive a minimum award in the region of £300. The maximum amount which may be awarded is £25,000 in any twelve month period (the Society may increase or decrease this amount at its sole discretion without notice).
    7. The Society may make a one off donation of equipment or similar items to an Organisation. If such a donation is made the Society shall be under no obligation to replace any goods and the goods shall be provided without any warranty of any kind and the Society makes no guarantees as to the suitability of the same.
    8. The Society may at its discretion also provide volunteering support.
    9. Applications are free to submit and no purchase is necessary. Applicants do not need to have an account or mortgage with the Society to apply for a Grant.
    1. An application may only be submitted to the Scheme for a Grant by an Applicant who:
      1. resides in the UK and is over the age of 18;
      2. is a member or volunteer of parkrun with a valid parkrun number;
      3. is not an employee (including a contractor or temporary employee) of the Society or parkrun;
      4. is not involved in the Scheme or the selection process.
    2. Applicants will require access to the internet in order to complete an application form.
    3. By entering the application the Applicant confirms that they are eligible to do so and have the permission of the Organisation to enter the Project. The Society may require the Applicant provide proof of eligibility to enter.
    4. The nominated Organisation who will deliver the Project must:
      1. be a not for profit organisation based in the UK;
      2. have been in existence for at least twelve months as at the date of submission of the application;
      3. meet the due diligence requirements of the Society (as notified from time to time);
      4. not have received any Grant from the Scheme within the past twelve months;
      5. not be connected with any inappropriate industries or sectors including without limitation:
        1. arms industry;
        2. military organisations;
        3. tobacco industry;
        4. gambling industry;
        5. alcohol industry;
        6. pornographic industry;
        7. animal welfare organisations;
        8. medical research organisations;
        9. religious organisations;
        10. political organisations;
        11. organisations associated with violence.
    5. The nominated Project must:
      1. take place within the UK;
      2. have a designated project lead;
      3. be for the benefit of the local parkrun community.
    6. The types of Projects that the Society will consider applications for include without limitation:
      1. park improvements (e.g. playground equipment, seating for spectators, woodland walks to enjoy post-parkrun; support for pop-up social activities (pre and post parkrun));
      2. improvements to accessibility including transport;
      3. facility improvements including equipment and utility / running costs.
    7. If any consents, permissions, authorisations or similar (“Consent”) are required in order to deliver the Project these must be obtained prior to submission of the application. It is the responsibility of the Organisation to ensure that all Consents (including any Consent from the local authority or land owner (if applicable)) are obtained. The Society will not be obliged to assist with obtaining any Consent.
    8. The nominated Project must not:
      1. be used towards a raffle or lottery prize;
      2. be for the purpose and / or benefit of:
        1. the restoration or upgrading of buildings, including churches;
        2. administration equipment;
        3. projects with religious, political or military purposes;
        4. overseas charities or projects;
        5. individuals, including sponsorship of individuals;
        6. animal welfare projects;
        7. medical research;
        8. alcohol;
        9. contingency costs, loans, endowments or interest;
        10. electricity generation and feed in tariff payments;
        11. paying someone else to write your application;
        12. profit making / fundraising activities;
        13. recoverable VAT;
        14. statutory activities;
        15. general running costs, such as salaries, rent or utility bills.
      3. discriminate unlawfully on the basis of gender, religion, nationality, disability, age or sexual orientations, or any other basis prohibited by law;
      4. relate to any controversial subject matter or any subject that is contrary to the interests of the Society, as determined at the sole discretion of the Society.
      5. The application must not:
        1. contain any third party trademarks or materials unless express written third party permission has been obtained;
        2. contain offensive, obscene or defamatory material.
      6. Entries which do not meet the criteria set out in these Society Standard Conditions will not be considered.
    1. To apply for a Grant from the Scheme, an Applicant must submit an application to the Society for consideration, in accordance with these Society Standard Conditions.
    2. Submission of Application:
      1. Applications will be accepted from [20th April 2018] via the application form available on the Society’s website at [www.leedsbuildingsociety.co.uk/parkrun].
      2. Applicants should complete the Society’s application form, providing as much detail as they can in relation to the Organisation and the Project.
      3. Applicants must ensure that the Organisation and Project meet the eligibility criteria as set out in these Society Standard Conditions (and any further criteria notified by the Society from time to time), and should provide any necessary details in the application.
      4. Applicants should ensure that they have the consent from the Organisation to nominate the Project and provide details regarding the Project and the Organisation to the Society.
      5. Applications must be submitted in English.
    3. Review of Applications:
      1. The Society shall acknowledge all applications within 28 days of receipt.
      2. The Society shall review the application forms received on a periodic basis (at least quarterly).
      3. The Society may contact the Organisation or the Applicant for more details by telephone or email (using the details provided on the application form, or any other details provided during correspondence between the parties).
      4. The Society shall have sole discretion as to whether to award any Grant and the type of any Grant. The Society shall have sole discretion as to whether it awards a financial Grant and if so the value, and as to whether it awards any volunteering support and as to whether it donates equipment or similar.
      5. The Society may consult with parkrun in relation to applications.
      6. As a minimum the Society will require the following information in order to assess the application:
        1. Contact details of the Applicant and Organisation;
        2. parkrun number of the Applicant;
        3. Details of the Project;
        4. Estimate cost of the Project;
        5. Timescale for completion and implementation of the Project;
        6. Details of any consents required for the Project and confirmation as to whether those consents have been obtained;
        7. Details of whether additional funding is required, if so, whether this has already been secured.
      7. In selecting the successful Projects the Society will consider a range of criteria, including but not limited to the impact of the Project on the local community, the longevity and sustainability, the likelihood of success, the quality and originality of the Project. The Society shall have sole discretion in selecting the successful Projects.
  4. Unsuccessful Applications:
    1. The Society shall not be obliged to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.
    2. If you haven’t heard anything from the Society within six months you should assume that your application has been unsuccessful.
  5. Successful Applications:
    1. Successful applications will be confirmed in writing or by telephone call to the Organisation by the Society.
    2. The Society shall confirm the type and if applicable amount of Grant awarded in writing.
    3. The Organisation shall have ten working days to confirm that they wish to accept the Grant in writing. The Organisation shall then have a further ten working days to sign the Society’s Grant Funding Agreement, and return a copy of the same to the Society.
    4. Where there is no acceptance or the Grant Funding Agreement is not signed by the Organisation, the Society shall have no obligation to provide any Grant and may select a further Project with another Organisation.
    5. Details of the successful applications and Projects may be published on the Society’s social media accounts, website and newsletter.
    1. The Organisation must use the Grant in accordance with the Grant Funding Agreement.
    2. The Organisation must use their best endeavours to ensure the Project is delivered within the agreed period and within the overall amount of the Grant awarded. Or where the Grant is part of a bigger project that the Grant awarded is allocated to a tangible part of the delivery of the Project.
    3. A Grant which is conditional on successful applications for further funding from other sources may not commence until written confirmation has been received by the Society from the Organisation that the Project is fully funded.
    4. The use of the Grant for any purpose other than the Project is not permitted without the Society’s prior written approval.
    1. By submitting an application or by providing further details or accepting a Grant you agree that any personal information provided to the Society may be held and used for the purposes of assessing and processing the application, contacting the Applicant and / or Organisation, handling queries and complaints, and the administration of the Scheme by the Society.
    2. By submitting the application the Applicant confirms they have obtained consent of the Organisation (and any relevant personnel) whose Project is entered for their details to be shared with the Society and used in accordance with the Society Standard Conditions.
    3. By submitting an application, providing further details to an application, agreeing to partake in the Scheme or accepting a Grant the Applicant and Organisation confirm that the Society and parkrun may publish details of the Project and any images submitted.
    4. The Applicant and the Organisation agree that data may be shared with parkrun.
    5. By submitting the application for submission, all signatories agree that:
      1. all information is true and accurate;
      2. the explicit consent of any third party has been obtained for the sharing of any personal data with the Society and the publication by the Society of the same on its website, social media accounts and newsletter.
    6. If an Applicant includes a photograph with a submission or any other follow up communication then they ensure, prior to any submission, that where any third party appears in a photograph that they have obtained the permission of that third party to the use of that image, including the use by the Society in accordance with these Society Standard Conditions. Where any children appear in the submission photograph parent / guardian consent must have been obtained.
    7. The Society may share relevant information about the application with third party companies who administer services on behalf of the Society. The Applicant and / or Organisation can ask for a list of such companies.
    8. Any information provided will be kept secure and retained only for as long as necessary (for the avoidance of doubt any personal data you have provided will be deleted if your application is unsuccessful).
    1. The Society accepts no liability for applications that are lost, delayed, misdirected or incomplete or are not received by the Society before the deadline for any technical or other reason. Proof of delivery is not proof of receipt for the purposes of the application process.
    2. Nothing in the Society Standard Conditions shall exclude the liability of the Society for death, personal injury, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation as a result of its negligence.
    3. The Society accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by you as a result of applying or accepting a Grant.
    4. The Society shall not be liable for any failure to comply with its obligations where the failure is caused by something outside its reasonable control.
    5. The Society will not be liable for any claim brought by you or any third party arising from any action or omission by the Society, to the extent that such action or omission resulted directly from instructions and / or information supplied by the Applicant or the Organisation.
    6. The Society accepts no responsibility or liability for delivering the Project.
    1. The Society may amend these Society Standard Conditions from time to time. Subject to any legal requirements to provide additional notice, changes to these Society Standard Conditions will be communicated through the Society website.
    1. The Grant awarded at the discretion of the Society is non-exchangeable, non-transferable and no cash alternative is offered.
    2. The Society reserves the right to replace the Grant awarded with an alternative Grant of equal or higher value if circumstances beyond the Society’s control make it necessary to do so.
    3. The Society reserves the right to withdraw the Scheme at any time and without notice.
    4. The decision of the Society regarding any aspect of the Scheme or the Grant is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into about it.
    5. By submitting an application to the Scheme Applicants are agreeing to these Society Standard Conditions.
    6. By submitting an application, providing additional information and or accepting a Grant the Organisation is agreeing to these Society Standard Conditions.
    7. The Scheme is in no way sponsored or endorsed by any other third party, including without limitation Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
    8. The Society reserves the right not to award the prize to anyone in breach of these Society Standard Conditions.
    9. Nothing in these Society Standard Conditions shall require the Society to award any Grant, whether a financial amount or volunteering support.
    10. The Society reserves the right (acting in its sole discretion) to reject applications that are incomplete, illegible, false, fraudulent or offensive.
    11. These Society Standard Conditions are governed by the English law, and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
    12. The Society is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Leeds Building Society is registered on the Financial Services Register under number 164992. You can check this on the FCA website at https://fca.org.uk/firms/financial-services-register or by calling 0800 111 6768.