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Leeds Building Society only accepts mortgage applications from intermediaries where they are providing an advised sales service, with the exception of Buy to Let & Holiday Let applications. It is the responsibility of the intermediary to ensure that all applicable law including, without limitation, the Financial Conduct Authority rules on advised mortgage sales are complied with including, without limitation, the provision of adequate explanations.

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Don’t Waste It – the best things ever done in one hour !

The nights are getting darker and winter is well on the way, but on the 30th October the clocks go back, meaning you have a whole extra hour to play with this month.  
While it’s always tempting to use the extra time to get some shut-eye, throughout history people have been using a free hour to do everything from penning a musical hit to breaking world records. You might think there’s not much that can be achieved with just one extra hour but as these examples prove, you might get more done than you think!  

The Rolling Stones wrote ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’
In 1965 following a Rolling Stones gig in Florida, Keith Richards woke up in the middle of the night in a motel room with a melody and the lyric ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’ in his head. He grabbed a portable tape recorder and rolled out of bed to record an eight note riff before promptly falling back to sleep1. The song would go on to be a Number 1 hit, topping the charts for four weeks and frequently appearing in the best songs of all time lists 50 years later. Not a bad way to spend less than an hour in the middle of the night.  

Jesse Owens broke four sporting world records
In 1935 the son of an Alabama farmer tore the athletics record book up in less than an hour. At the Big Ten Track and Field Championships, Jesse Owens tied the world record in the 100-yard dash and then set the world record in the long jump, the 220-yard dash and the 220 low hurdles, in a mere 45 minutes2. To this day, his achievement remains the greatest single day performance in athletic history. 

Zdeněk Bradáč broke out of handcuffs 796 times
In 2011 Zdeněk Bradáč broke the world record for the most escapes from handcuffs in one hour. In just sixty minutes, the Czech magician and escapologist managed to break free from the cuffs an incredible 796 times3, more than double the previous record (which was still an impressive 302 times!). 

Lucas Etter solved a Rubik’s cube
Last year, a 14 year old from Kentucky became the first person to break the five-second barrier while solving a Rubik’s cube. Lucas Etter solved the puzzle in an astounding 4.904 seconds, and in the process broke the previous record of 5.09 seconds, which was set earlier in the day4. That would be an incredible 734 Rubiks cubes solved in one hour, if he did them back-to-back. Not bad considering it’s been two years and we’re still trying to solve ours!

We are encouraging intermediaries to use their extra hour wisely by doing one thing to further their, or their business’ development, this month. Check out our Landlord’s Guide, Self Employed Guide, or our Recent Criteria Changes document for ideas, or look out for our blog on the top things brokers can do with one hour.    
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