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Make your home more secure

by Leeds Building Society

From your precious jewellery to your pet tortoise – anything could be stolen from your home if you don’t take extra care! With almost four million property thefts reported by police in England and Wales last year, we want to help you make sure your home safe and sound.


Move your spare key (we have a pretty good idea where you hid it)

Under the door mat? Beneath a plant pot? Amongst the flowers?

If you have hidden your spare key in any of these places you should move it as soon as possible. They’re the first places that came to our mind, which means they’re probably the first places a burglar would think to look too!

Keeping your spare key outside is risky, and the best way to keep it safe is to leave it with a trustworthy neighbour or in a properly installed secure key safe. However, if you absolutely have to keep a key temporarily hidden outside, try to think of a unique hiding place and move it back to a safe spot as soon as possible.

Lock down your garden

Keeping your key hidden may deter a burglar from attempting to enter your home, but what’s stopping them from taking what they want from your garden?

A survey by The Crime Prevention Website revealed that only 14% of sheds were ‘very well’ secured, whereas 39% were ‘not that well’ secured in 2017. This means that burglars could easily break into more than one in three of the surveyed sheds! This is a worrying statistic as valuable equipment such as gardening tools and office or gym equipment are often kept here.

To improve the security of your shed, make sure the door is thick enough to not be kicked in as well as fitting it with a high quality padlock. Also consider covering the windows so potential thieves can’t see what’s inside. You can add an extra layer of protection by chaining some of your valuables together in case a burglar does get inside.

You may also have some furry valuables in your garden that you’d like to protect. Similar precautions such as padlocks and tarpaulin covers will help keep thieving hands off of your protected pets!


Invest in some smart technology

There are more and more new technological solutions appearing these days that tend to be more flexible than traditional alarm systems.

Lots of them are wireless so you won’t need to hire an electrician, and you can change positions of cameras and alarms if you think of somewhere better to place them. Many also come with apps that allow you to view a live video of your home whilst you’re out and about. How handy is that?

Check out this insightful list of The Best UK Smart Home Security Systems for 2019 if you’re curious to find out more.


Get clever with lighting

Outdoor lighting isn’t just for Christmas!

Burglars want to sneak in and out of your home without being noticed, so if you have bright lights in your garden they may stay clear to avoid being seen. If you find constant light at night time too annoying, you could try motion sensor lights instead. These will only turn on when someone approaches your home or garden.

You can trick thieves with lighting inside your home too. Smart bulbs that can be controlled through an app are super handy as you can turn them on and off wherever you are! This will let you mimic your usual daily routine when on holiday so nobody knows you’re away. If you also have a smart camera and spot something suspicious whilst you’re out, switching on your lights from your phone should soon send any unwelcome visitors scurrying away!


Train your pet hamster to protect your valuables

Just kidding! But wouldn’t this be amazing?

We doubt you’ll manage to get your hamster to guard your home (no matter how many treats you give them!) but we can offer you the next best thing. We work with Aviva to provide members with an award-winning home insurance service* so that you can truly feel protected.

So what are you waiting for? Start making your home more secure today!


*Insurance Post Claims Award 2018 – Winner – Customer Care Household Claims Team

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