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Bringing dementia care closer to home

Last updated: 14th February 2022

We launched our partnership with Dementia UK in April 2020. Although the past year has provided plenty of challenges, our members and colleagues have done an amazing job helping us raise more than £300,000 for the charity. These funds have played a key role in keeping Dementia UK’s Helpline service operating through the pandemic.

Launching our unique mobile support centre

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Now we’re focusing on bringing dementia care closer to home through our partnership, by launching a unique mobile support centre. Families living with dementia will now be able to access practical, emotional and clinical support from a specialist Admiral Nurse at a dedicated time and place that suits their needs. Funded by the money raised by our members and colleagues, the service will initially be available virtually due to pandemic restrictions.


Bringing dementia care to those who need it

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Helen Green is an Admiral Nurse for Dementia UK. Speaking about the benefits of the new service, she said: “Caring for a loved one can be a 24/7 role, so booking a clinic with an Admiral Nurse like me, means that we can provide tailored support at a time which suits the family.

“People often contact the Helpline during periods of crisis and when they have a window of opportunity. With a high volume of enquiries, helpline callers may not always be able to speak to an Admiral Nurse immediately. With a planned clinic session, the person will be able to prepare themselves to be fully engaged and able to take on board the advice given. It also provides the chance for time away from their caring role and some much-needed respite.”

Admiral Nurses play a unique role helping those who are dealing with the complexities of caring for someone living with dementia. You can read about the impact of this vital support in the family stories on the Dementia UK website.


About our partnership

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By the end of 2024, we aim to have supported more than 2,500 families living with dementia by raising a massive £500,000. As our fundraising efforts continue, every £296 we raise enables Dementia UK to support another eight families in need.

We'll let you know soon how much we raised for Dementia UK during 2021.

Get involved

You can find out more about our partnership with Dementia UK on the dedicated page on our website. If you’re a saver, you can also help to support the charity by donating the pennies of your interest each year through our Your Interest in Theirs scheme. 


Access Closer to Home

Find out more about Dementia UK and the Closer to Home support service, here.

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