Pass on something legendary

by Leeds Building Society

Remember a Charity in your Will Week

remember a charity in your will week Have you ever considered leaving a donation to a favourite charity in your Will? Leaving a gift in your Will is a legendary thing to do and enables charities to continue their vital work. This year, Remember a Charity in your Will Week recognises living legends who pass on a legacy through their giving.

Pass on something Legendary

It’s not just about leaving a legacy through the gifts we leave behind, there's also plenty of legendary advice to share. Remember a Charity in your Will Week 2016 is celebrating this too.

“If you could pass on one piece of legendary advice to your younger self, what would it be?”

It’s the question Remember a Charity have been asking charities, their supporters, politicians and celebrities alike. You can discover all their answers in this video…

Remember a Charity 2016 film

After you’ve taken care of loved ones, consider including your favourite charity in your Will and let the legend live on!