Show the world some love this Valentine's Day

by Leeds Building Society

Whether it be your partner, friend or even your pet, there’s quite possibly someone very special you’re planning to treat this Valentine’s Day. But for the sake of our shared planet, you may want to consider some of our waste-free ways to spread the love.


Grow your love

Flowers are probably the most popular Valentines gift, and we can see why. They’re beautiful, romantic and usually pretty inexpensive.

But after a week or so, their pretty petals wilt and die, forcing the recipient into reluctantly throwing them away. Sad, right?

So, instead of taking nature out of the ground, why not create your own together? Planting a flower, shrub or tree in your garden could be a great and unique way to celebrate your relationship, and you will be able to watch it grow as your love does the same...


Say it, don’t waste it

Everybody loves getting cards, especially the ones where somebody has taken time to write down something meaningful.

However, there’s no need for chopping down trees and spending on paper cards. E-cards and emails are just as lovely to receive, plus you’ll probably have more space to write an even longer heartfelt message!

There are lots of websites that can help you create these, providing you with a choice of fun designs. You may even be able to personalise your card with your own photos and names, for that extra special touch.

Alternatively, if you're feeling brave, you could tell them how you feel in person!


For their sweet tooth

Ditch the box and just give your Valentine chocolates this year by making them yourself. It can be surprisingly easy to create your own posh chocs that would look perfectly at home in a trendy Belgian store.

Try your hand at a recipe such as this one, and give your loved one a real sweet treat.


Back to school

Valentine’s presents don’t even need to be a physical item at all. One great gift idea is to book yourselves onto a course, and learn something new together!

Crafts, languages and (if you want to be especially romantic) dancing are wonderful things to learn with somebody else, and you may just find yourselves feeling even closer as a result...


Wrap it up…again

If you're gifting your loved one with a physical present, you might want to think about what you’re wrapping it in (if anything). Most wrapping paper can’t be recycled as it has been dyed or decorated with non-recyclable materials, meaning it will go straight to the landfill after use.

Wrapping paper that has already been recycled is a more eco-friendly choice, as is using newspaper (which can also usually be recycled). There are also some more reusable options - wrapping a gift up in vintage scarf or fabric will look beautiful, and allow you to use it again and again.



We’re big advocates of reducing waste and our carbon footprint, which is reflected in our recent Carbon Trust Standard re-accreditation – something we’re very proud of. We’re also already bringing these values into our new head office, by making sure to continuing using 100% renewable electricity. We’re also really excited about our new refurbishments, especially as much of them have been made from upcycled materials – we can’t wait to see how they look!

We hope we’ve inspired you to not only make some greener choices yourselves, but also have fun doing it this Valentine’s Day.