Are we a nation of savers or spenders? The results are in

by Leeds Building Society

Our new research* has revealed that nearly a third of the UK admit to being spenders, with a quarter of us unable or unwilling to save more than £40 a month. We were surprised to discover that of those who have an overdraft, over half go into it every month and 21% admit they max it out.   

Here's what we learnt...

Are we a nation of savers or spenders?

But don't worry if you're a spender rather than a saver, as spending habits can be changed. We recently teamed up with psychologist and expert in willpower, Dr. Frank Ryan who provided a wealth of tips and advice to help change your spending behaviours. Find out how you can train yourself to be a better saver.


*Based on a nationwide survey of 1,000 respondents  conducted by Leeds Building Society in May 2017.