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Some say planning for a holiday is the best part of going away, but whether you agree or not, it certainly is essential. With so much to consider before you jet off, we've put together some useful checklists and top tips to help you on your way.

We’re also sharing articles from our holiday heroes and travel tips a plenty. You’ll discover holiday checklists and guides for everything from planning to packing. We’re here to help you get organised ahead of that well-earned break so that you can enjoy every minute while you’re away.

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What to pack for a 2 week holiday

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Meet our holiday heroes

Blogger Simone Baker Profile Picture

Who wants to worry on holiday?

by Simone Baker

Simone is a 32-year-old mother of two and writes the brilliant Married to a Geek - - where she blogs about fashion, fitness and travel. She shares her passion for planning with us…

Pack activities, snacks and changes of clothes if travelling with children... for them and for you.
- Simone Baker

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Blogger Chris Frost Profile Picture

We spend our money on making memories

by Chris Frost

Chris is the man behind where he writes about the challenges of being a forty-something new father, cruise journeys with a baby and reviews baby products from a dad’s point of view. He tells us his holiday planning secrets…

The more planning you do before you go, means that the holiday is likely to run like clockwork.
- Chris Frost

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Blogger Laura Hitchcock Profile Picture

I plan as much as I can

by Laura Hitchcock

Laura’s Little Stuff blog – – is the perfect place to read about family friendly holidays and more. We caught up with her to get her insider take on how obsessed she is with holiday planning…

If I haven’t planned ahead then we often spend the first couple of days feeling adrift.
- Laura Hitchcock

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