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How to save money and stay warm this season

Updated: 3rd December 2019

We've certainly been feeling the frosty weather recently, so with temperatures getting cooler make sure use this opportunity to keep hold of your pennies whilst keeping warm. You can try all of our energy saving tips from the comfort of your own home, so go get a cuppa, put on your slippers, and settle down under a blanket whilst you read our list.

1. Let the sun shine

There’s a surprising lot of warmth that can be gained from the sun right now. If you keep the curtains of your south facing windows open during daylight hours, the sunlight will gently warm your home for free! Just make sure to close them at night to keep the dropped temperatures at bay…

2. Layer up

Another way you can feel the warmth for free is by simply throwing on a jumper, cardigan, dressing gown or whatever extra clothing you can find. Increasing your layers is a lot cheaper than turning on your heating, and you’ll immediately feel the benefit whereas your radiators would take some time to kick in!

3. Stay clear

Whenever possible, try to keep your radiators clear. If you don’t have a tumble dryer it can be tough to dry clothes at this time of year. Laying clothes out on your radiators is probably your go-to alternative, but this can restrict heat from moving around your room freely so try using a clothes airer instead. If the weather allows, hanging the clothes out in the winter sun can be even better!

4. Keep it shut

Whenever possible, allowing the sun to wam your home is a great idea. However, there are lots of ways this heat can escape your home – through walls, out of the roof, and even up the chimney. To help keep heat trapped where you want it, make sure to shut all doors behind you - you may find that you don’t have to keep the heating on for as long as a result.

5. Pop the kettle on (but don't fill it up)

Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are still popular warming drinks this season. This can mean that the kettle is on almost constant boil at home. As we are usually only boiling water for one cup, it can be a good idea to only put this amount in the kettle. It takes a lot more time and energy to boil a full kettle’s worth of water, and there’s only room for about one fifth of it in a single cup.

By filling up your mug of choice with cold water and pouring it into an empty kettle to boil, you can make sure nothing has gone to waste.

6. Turn it off

With the sun rising earlier and setting later, use this as an opportunity to flick the light switch on a little later than you normally would. But don't forget to turn it off again.

Huge savings can be made from the simple task of turning lights off in unoccupied rooms, and you can take it one step further by switching them off completely. Alternatively, consider purchasing some energy saving LED lightbulbs – according to Which? one LED bulb could save you about £180 over its lifetime (which is loads longer than other bulbs')!

7. Switch it up

You've probably been using a large amount of energy in your home recently, so make sure you’re getting the best possible price from your provider. You could save this season by checking comparison sites and switching to a better deal. Many providers now also offer 100% renewable energy tariffs, which can make a huge contribution to reducing your carbon footprint.

Just make sure to check you won't be charged any exit fees!

If you’d like to see what we are doing to reduce our own energy use at LBS, take a look at this short article showing the steps we’ve taken.