Save regularly for those special moments

by Leeds Building Society

If you’re looking to save for something special, our new Regular Saver account could help you achieve your savings goals.

There are many reasons why you might save, and setting yourself a clear target can help give you the motivation to save regularly. Many things in life are even more satisfying when they’re well earned, and our Regular Saver account gives you the opportunity to earn yourself something special.

Our Regular Saver account could be ideal if you want to add to a savings pot each month, earn a variable rate of interest and if you don’t need to dip into your savings often, it could be a great way to save for the longer term.


Here are just a few ways you could benefit from regular saving.

Laying down foundations

In a recent survey, nearly a quarter of people said they would save for a new home or home improvements[i]. A savings account could also provide the foundation or a much-needed boost to getting funds together for a first home. What better motivation to save than investing in the building you‘ll spend most of your life in?

Guaranteed family fun

Another great reason to save is for those special family moments. By setting yourself a budget and saving each month, you can ensure your family can enjoy special days out (or even special days in). And by making saving a habit, the good times will last as long as you want them to.


A relaxing retirement

Give your retirement that added bit of luxury and tranquility. By getting into the habit of saving regularly, you can build up a nest egg to make those later moments in life even more enjoyable. It might be the difference between a mini break or a cruise around the world. Treating yourself is much more satisfying when its well-earned, so get into the habit of saving and gift yourself an extra special retirement.


Our Regular Saver account is just one in a wide range of savings options, so please take the time to look at these and ensure you pick a savings account that works for you.

Please keep an eye on the savings section of our Knowledge Base for an upcoming article featuring savings tips provided by our members.


Please visit the Regular Saver product page for full terms and conditions and product rates.

This article is intended for information purposes only and is accurate at the time of publication. It’s always advisable to verify any information you take before relying on it.

[i] 24% of respondents (9% deposit for a new home + 13% home renovations) who were asked What are / were the main things you use a Regular Savers Account to saver for? Via a TalkingPoint survey that took place in June 2021.