Funeral plan options

There are three Prepaid Funeral Plans to choose from, each include the services specified in your chosen plan. The table below shows what’s included in each plan.

Guarantees Amber Pearl Diamond
Covers the funeral director costs included in your chosen plan for a cremation or a burial funeral
For a cremation funeral the plan also covers; The crematorium fee at a local crematorium. The Minister of Religion or an Officiant’s fee equal to the amount paid for a standard funeral service at the crematorium or cemetery as listed in the Church of England Table of Parochial Fees
For a burial funeral the plan also provides; A generous contribution of £1,220 towards burial costs, plot and Minister’s fees. This contribution increases each year in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI) for the Plan’s duration
Any outstanding balance left to pay will be covered by Dignity if you pass away before you've finished paying
for your plan. That's the Dignity Promise.1

Making the arrangements      
Support from a nationwide network of owned or approved Funeral Directors
Personal and regular contact with the family to provide advice and guidance on all aspects of arranging the funeral
Guidance on the registration of the death and collection of all necessary paperwork for the funeral to proceed
Care of the deceased      
Collection and transportation of the deceased to the Funeral Director’s premises, at any time, 24 hours a day (within a 50-mile radius, excluding ferry or air fares)
Care and preparation of the deceased (embalming not included)
The Coffin Wood effect coffin Quality wood effect coffin High quality wood veneer coffin
Provision of a hearse
Viewing of the deceased in a private chapel of rest by agreed appointment Within normal office hours During Weekdays At anytime
The service      
Funeral Director, driver and pallbearers to attend the service
Limousine for family/mourners None One Two
Funeral procession (Fees and costs of a service at a separate location not included) Directly to the crematorium or burial site To a service location, then onto the crematorium or burial site To a service location, then onto the crematorium or burial site
Mutual agreement on the time and day of the funeral during normal office hours
If you move home your plan moves with you to a new Nominated Funeral Director, at no extra cost
Personalise the plan at any time by documenting “Special Requests” such as hymns and readings2
Ability to make additional contributions towards Special Requests during the lifetime of the plan. Any contributions will increase each year in line with Retail Price Index (RPI)
Additional services      
Free telephone bereavement advice and support for your loved ones
Complimentary thank you cards

What's not included in your plan?
This is an example of some of the services that are not included in our plans:

• Embalming, burial plot, memorial, headstone.

• Minister's/Officiant's fee for a service at a different location before the cremation.

• Flowers/catering/wake. • Repatriation from outside mainland Great Britain, Nothern Ireland, Jersey, Isle of Man and Isle of Wight to the Nominated Funeral Director.
• Doctor's fees or Coroner's fees.

• Costs for removing artificial limbs and mechanisms such as pacemakers.

• Costs associated with changes in regulations, tax, laws or generally accepted practice which result in additional costs or affect the conduct of the funeral.

This list is not exhaustive, so please refer to the Terms & Conditions for further information.

If you have questions that aren't answered here, have a look at our frequently asked questions page ».

Once you've decided which payment plan is right for you, get in touch with your nearest branch of Leeds Building Society to set up an appointment.

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1For payment terms beyond 12 months only. Please see the Instalment Payments section of the Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plan Terms & Conditions for further details.

2Some requests may incur an additional charge and may not be covered by the price guarantee. Any costs incurred from these requests will have to be paid for at the time of the funeral or alternately a contribution can be made towards these costs which will increase each year in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI).