Business Change team - how we've helped

21 members of our Change Delivery team used their volunteer time to improve access at Sutton Bank National Park Centre, part of the North York Moors National Park.  

Lois Lister, from the Change Delivery team, said "We wanted to make a real difference to those who could use the Sutton Bank whilst also being in the outdoors. We managed to lay a disabled pathway through a whole section of the national park which will now be a whole new area that people can explore! It was great to clearly see the output from our days’ work and the wardens at the centre helped out too which was lovely."

Simon Bassindale from the North York Moors National Park told us about the impact volunteering has on the park’s visitors. "The trail is one of our most popular routes with all types of visitors, but as a consequence of this it needs resurfacing every two years to maintain the high access standards. With the help from Leeds Building Society that work has now been done."

It’s not just Sutton Bank who felt the benefit of the day. Lois commented "We all had a fantastic day. It was a great opportunity to spend time with our team outside of work while also helping a good cause."