Swansea branch - how we've helped

Friends of the Young Disabled is a Swansea-based charity who provide a centre for young disabled people and other members of the community. Here, they can meet and take advantage of its facilities for learning opportunities and social activities. They needed some help to update and expand the centre and colleagues from our Swansea branch were excited to volunteer.

The team helped to improve and expand the centre’s facilities by clearing out currently unused rooms at the charity’s centre to provide more space for people to meet and have fun.

Amanda Evans, Swansea Branch Manager, who organised the volunteering for her team said: "We have made a difference to this charity as we’ve made a new room available which has been unused for many years."

"The volunteering day provided an opportunity for team building and skills development. It was also great for boosting individual morale, as our colleagues realised they were making a difference in the lives of some of the most isolated people in Swansea."

Chris Holley, Chairman at Friends of the Young Disabled, said: "It’s always great to welcome and thank volunteers who come in their own free time to help with the work we do.

"I'd like to thank them for all the work they did, and look forward to any other collaboration that can take place."