Please note: Leeds Building Society only accepts mortgage applications from intermediaries where they are providing an advised sales service, with the exception of Buy to Let & Holiday Let applications. It is the responsibility of the intermediary to ensure that all Financial Conduct Authority rules on advised mortgage sales are complied with.

Online Intermediary Registration

Registering for our Online Introducer Services is easy. Simply complete on-screen our online web registration form »

Ensure you select ALL the mortgage clubs/lending partners that you currently use. We are currently experiencing high volumes of new registrations. It may, therefore, take up to 3 working days to complete this process. We cannot provide any telephone updates on the progress of your application.

Please Note: We will send you your log-in details by email, so please ensure your email address is clearly entered.

Intermediary Services

Calculation of Loan Size

We use an affordability model to calculate the maximum borrowing available. For an estimate of how much we are likely to consider, use our borrowing calculator »


Sole traders/partnerships - Please enter the last 3 years net profit figures before tax (or share of if a partnership) in the borrowing calculator.

Directors of LTD Companies, with a minimum shareholding of 25% or more - Please enter the average salary plus dividends (based on last 3 years) into the annual gross income box in the borrowing calculator.

Help us to Help you - Please note the following:

Before proceeding have you checked that your client meets the requirements within the mortgage lending criteria and guidance document.

Mortgage lending criteria and guidance (PDF) »

You have 21 days to submit the application, pay the fees and supply our minimum documents.

Please see the attached links for our requirements valuation fee and Submission Requirements.

The booking fee of £199 is payable on application and is non-refundable. There is also a Product Arrangement Fee (payable on application - this is refundable should the mortgage not complete). Please note that a redemption fee of £199 will apply.

You should check the criteria on our website before you submit the application. View our criteria guide »

The valuation fee will only be refunded if the valuation has not been completed.

We will not chase you for the required documentation, fees or provide updates and will cancel the case if all items are not received within these timescales.

For contact details of the Regional Development Managers covering your area, please view our contact us page »

You will be able to produce KFI’s for the majority of applications, however our website does not currently cater for guarantor, porting or split product applications, or any application with more than 2 applicants. If you require a KFI for an application of any of these types, please use this link: Request a KFI »


Please send in a fully completed Submission Form with all the supporting documentation required for each new application submitted.

Important points to remember:

  • This form must be fully completed and all documentation required should be submitted together in one complete batch.
  • Any points which are not applicable to the application must be recorded as such on the form.
  • The form allows you to certify the supporting documentation which you send to us.

View the submission forms »

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