Mortgage payment calculator

Use this calculator to work out the monthly payments depending on repayment type, term and interest rate.

Mortage type

For a repayment mortgage, the monthly payments are made up of two parts: the capital, which is the money that has been borrowed, and the interest charged. By the time the mortgage term ends, everything will usually be paid off, as long as there isn’t a fall behind on the monthly payments.

With an interest only mortgage, payments will only be made towards the interest on the amount borrowed. This means that there will still be the full amount borrowed outstanding at the end of the mortgage term.

It is possible to split a mortgage between the two repayment methods. This means that part of the mortgage balance will be on repayment and the other part on interest only. This will reduce the mortgage balance at the end of the term, although there will still be an amount of the capital to pay back.

Loan amount

Total loan amount

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