At Leeds Building Society we take the security of your personal information as seriously as you do and we're committed to making your online banking experience as safe as possible.

We have a few tips to help you stay safe online.

Remember to protect your identity

Always limit what personal details you share on the internet when using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Create strong and unique passwords

When setting up passwords for different sites, remember to make your password as unique as possible so it cannot be easily guessed by someone. Don’t use common phrases and words and always use a combination of numbers and lowercase and uppercase letters. Always use a different password for each website, as if a fraudster was to gain your password they would be able to gain access to all the sites where you use the same password.

Keep computer software up to date

Operating System

Keep your operating system up to date (e.g. Windows or Mac OS) will help protect you against security threats such as malware. You can set-up your computer to receive updates automatically via the internet. Please see your operating systems user guide or the manufacturer’s website for details.

Web browsers

These are the pieces of software that you use to view the internet, ensuring they are up to date will help protect you against security threats such as malware. You can check you’re using the latest browser version from your browser provider’s website.

Links to useful security information sites

These sites give information on how to bank online safely and how to avoid fraud and identity theft. They have information on common scams and where to find out information on the latest viruses and Trojans. None of these sites or vendors are specifically endorsed or recommended by Leeds Building Society.