Ways to save on your holiday

by Leeds Building Society

For us Brits, on this cold, wet and windy island, the annual summer break is a sacred event. To help you maximise fun during your annual escape without breaking the bank, we’ve pulled together our eight best tips for affordable holidaying.

Do your research before you leave

The more informed you are when you arrive at your destination, the more likely you’ll be able to keep costs down easily each day. Find out about public transport services, affordable airport transfers, and, if you’re looking to take part in particular sorts of activities, research which companies offer the best deals.

Know your luggage allowance

Exceeding your luggage allowance is a common and costly mistake. When packing, be honest with yourself. If you’ve never worn those shoes but you’re taking them ‘just in case’, leave them at home and keep the weight of your luggage down.

Turn off your phone’s data roaming

Tales of travellers accidentally running up huge mobile phone bills litter the newspapers every summer. Be sure to switch off your phone’s roaming charges before boarding the plane and, when you arrive at your resort, connect to the Wi-Fi if it’s available. That way, bills are limited and predictable.

Pay in euros and take them with you

It’s usually cheaper to pay in local currency. Other ways to avoid high exchange rates include staying away from ATMs and buying your currency before you get to the airport.

Eat and drink like a local

This tip, as well as saving you money, may mean you discover delicious new flavours and cooking ideas. Eat where the locals choose to eat, buy the local brands and order the local wine.

Use a towel, not a sun lounger

Renting a sun lounger may seem like a small outlay but, if you’re a sun-worshipping couple paying £10 per a day for two sun loungers on a 14-day holiday, the bill runs to £140!

Arrange your own trips

Whether you want to take a tour of local vineyards, go on a city excursion or experience the cultural offering of the country you’re visiting, arranging it yourself will sometimes be cheaper than organising it through your tour operator and means you can save your euros for other luxuries.