The regular way to save for something special

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The regular way to save for something special

RegularSaver (Issue 3)

1.25% Gross p.a./AER (variable) excluding 1.80% conditional bonus (variable) + 1.80% conditional bonus (variable) = 3.05% Gross p.a./AER (variable)
  • Interest paid: annually (31 Oct)
  • Minimum operating balance: £50
  • Minimum monthly payment: £50
  • Maximum monthly payment: £250 (£250 for joint accounts also)
  • Operate through branch or post
  • Withdrawals: one withdrawal is permitted each bonus period (from 1 Nov – 31 Oct each year). If a second withdrawal is required you will not qualify for a bonus in respect of that period.
  • No fixed term, so you can keep on saving

Based on the interest rates and level of bonus payment quoted above, if you open your account on 1 November and you save £250 per month for 12 consecutive months, you will receive gross interest of £49.71 on 31 October the following year, providing you do not make any withdrawals during the bonus period (1 November – 31 October).

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3 year Fees Assisted Fixed Rate Mortgage

Initial rate

Fixed up to and inc. 31 Dec 2017

Then changing to our SVR (currently)


The overall cost for comparison is

5.2% APR Maximum loan to value 80% | Maximum loan £500,000 applies to loans up to 80% LTV | No Higher Lending Charge | Tapered Early Repayment Charges apply up to and including 31 Dec 2017 | Free Standard valuation up to £335 | Fees assisted in-house legal services for standard remortgages | Maximum loan £500,000 | 10% capital repayments allowed each year without incurring an Early Repayment Charge | Interest calculated daily | £1,000 Cashback upon completion | Booking fee (£199 - non refundable), redemption fee (£199), product arrangement fee (£800 - refundable) and other fees will apply – check product details for more information | Tapered Early Repayment Charges up to and including 31 Dec 2017.
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Warning: Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Warning: Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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If you’re used to dealing with the banks, this might sound revolutionary, but it’s how we’ve worked for over 130 years. With all that experience, we know exactly how to design financial products to meet the ever-changing needs of our members’ lives and all the little surprises life brings.

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