We believe the diversity of skills, experience, background and other distinctions, including gender and race, strengthens the capability of our leadership teams and, therefore, the effectiveness and of its independence, judgement and decision-making.

Women in Finance

We're committed to increasing the representation of women. To do this, we've set ourselves two targets:

Board: 33% female representation by 2021.

Senior Management Team (top 3 levels of management excluding Board) - 33% female representation by 2021.


We are proud to have high colleague engagement (79% in 2016) and every colleague's performance is considered against our values: Integrity, Progressive, Straightforward, Collaborative and Passionate. In addition to this, a Diversity objective will be included in the Executive Director bonus scheme from January 2017.

We believe it is important to consider elements of diversity beyond gender and have committed to develop and agree a broad-ranging Diversity Strategy, including the setting of milestones for the achievement of supporting activities, in 2017.