We believe that the diversity of our people, including but not limited to gender, strengthens our leadership team and, therefore, the effectiveness of its independence, judgement and decision making.  In support of this, we have developed a Diversity and Inclusion strategy, with an ambition ‘to have an inclusive culture, which enables colleagues with a diverse range of skills, experiences, backgrounds and opinions to flourish, without barriers’.

Women in Finance

We're committed to increasing the representation of women. To do this, we've set ourselves two targets:

Board: 33% female representation by 2021.

Senior Management Team (top 3 levels of management excluding Board) - 33% female representation by 2021.


We are delivering our strategy through a plan of supporting activities, including joining the Women Ahead mentoring programme, actively supported by our senior leaders. All our Executive Directors have personal diversity objectives as part of their annual bonus scheme.

We have increased female representation in our senior management team cohort in 2017, reaching our target.  We realise there is still much to do to sustain and improve our position and we are working towards improving our female talent pipeline.

We are proud to have increased our colleague engagement in 2017 to 81% (79% in 2016).  All our colleague’s performance and contribution is assessed against our Values of Integrity, Responsible, Progressive, Straightforward, Collaborative and Passionate.