Clare Parsons

Clare enjoys the real sense of comradery that comes with being a parkrun volunteer. She has recently moved house and finds the weekly meetup is a great way to get to know new people in the area.

Q. Why did you decide to support parkrun?

A. I first went to parkrun as a runner a few years ago, I was new to running and very slow! I went to my local event in Bradford and was blown away by how many people were running and all the volunteers who turned up to cheer people on. There was one guy who held a sign saying “you’re awesome” he pointed at me then at the sign; it really helped me finish that last lap! I loved the energy on the day and the support from everyone.

Q. What did you do as a volunteer?

A. Being a volunteer is just as exciting, there is a real sense of comradery. When I arrived, the event director introduced herself and talked me through what would be happening. She was very passionate about ensuring the event ran smoothly and was a great experience for everyone. My role on the day was to direct runners around the route on the 4th corner, everyone was super friendly, high-fiving as they went around.

Q. What is the experience like on the day?

A. As a runner or a volunteer parkrun is a great experience, to see so many people from your community come out and get involved in this weekly event is just brilliant! I’ve recently moved house and going to the weekly meet up has been a great way to get to know new people.

Parkrun Woodhouse Moor
Parkrun Woodhouse Moor

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