Craig Wallbank

As a parkrunner himself, Craig enjoys being able to give back to the communities that make parkrun events happen.

Q. Why did you decide to support parkrun?

A. I’d previously done a little bit of running and attended parkrun a couple of times in 2013 but I started running more regularly, and going to parkrun more often in 2015. Between those dates, a friend asked if I would like to help them volunteer at Woodhouse Moor and in 2014 I did my first volunteer role.

Once I was running more often, and going to parkrun more, it felt right to ‘give back’ to that running community by offering to volunteer and help out the team who enable these events. I have done most of my parkruns at Woodhouse Moor so naturally this is where I have done my volunteering.

Q. What did you do as a volunteer?

A. I have carried out two different volunteering roles, marshalling and barcode scanning. Each role requires you to be there at around 8:15 to help with the set up and receive any instructions from the run director.

Marshalling involves being positioned at various points around the course to direct runners where required, provide encouragement to the runners, and to ensure the safety of the runners.

Barcode scanning is just that. At the end of the run a parkrun token, with their finishing position, is scanned followed by their personal barcode so the results can be generated and a time given. This role is scanning the two for each of the finishers and congratulating the runners as they pass through. Once all runners have finished the course your role is complete.

Q. What is the experience like on the day?

A. Volunteering at parkrun is a great way to give back to the communities that run these events. When running I find it really encouraging to receive the support of people who give up a Saturday morning to enable these events to go ahead. However, being on the other side and volunteering is just as rewarding, supporting runners and walkers of all abilities and being inspired by their efforts around the 5km course.

I would definitely recommend volunteering at parkrun for runners and non-runners a-like, it is a great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday morning and it might inspire you to sign up for a parkrun barcode too.

Parkrun Woodhouse Moor
Parkrun Woodhouse Moor

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