David Whitelam

A local half marathon event inspired David to get involved with his local parkrun. He now takes part with his 7 year old Josh and they’ve since completed more than 100 runs together.

Q. How did you get into parkrun?

A. I was inspired by my local Ealing Half Marathon and, having watched the first event in 2012 I went to my first parkrun the following weekend. After about six months of running on my own, my 7-year old, Josh, wanted to join me and we've now run together over 100 times.

Q. Why do you parkrun?

A. It's a great way to start the day. You get to meet dozens of local people you'd never normally come across and the health benefits and sense of achievement are an added bonus.

Q. Why do you parkrun Together?

A. Its great fun running with Josh and seeing him progress over the past five years.

Q. What would be your advice to someone who’s thinking of getting into running but isn’t confident? Any tips you’ve found useful?

A. I’ve heard of few places as supportive as parkrun.  It's not treated as a race and walking, or run-walking, is positively encouraged.

Q. Have you made any friends through parkrun?

A. As well as meeting people who run around at the same speed as us, we've met dozens of people through volunteering at our local event.  There's always some good chat to be had in the cafe after, if you so wish - and not just about running, either!

Q. Do you feel that your local parkrun improves your community?

A. Without a doubt - it's great to see people running together regularly and forming friendships.

Parkrun Woodhouse Moor
Parkrun Woodhouse Moor

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