Joy Lacy

Family members recommended parkrun to Joy and she now takes part to keep fit and meet new people, along with her partner Steve.

Q. How did you get into parkrun?

A. We heard of parkrun a few years ago through one of my nieces plus several of my family members ran at the Carlisle parkrun when we visited for a family get together 4 years ago. I signed up soon after and so did my partner Steve.

Q. Why do you parkrun Together?

A. We run to keep fit and it's a great way to keep the weight down, especially as we get older. It's also good to do something together and meet other people. It's sociable and good for both mind and body.

Q. What would be your advice to someone who’s thinking of getting into running?

A. You don't need to worry about being fit or not looking the part. Wear decent trainers and whatever you feel comfortable in. You can go at your own pace, combining running and walking and there's always someone at the back to run with. You get encouragement from the volunteers all the way around the course. There are also apps to help you build up to 5km if you want or just do what feels right for you. Encourage someone you know to try it with you.

Q. Do you feel that your local parkrun improves your community?

A. Parkrun is a very sociable and communal event bringing all ages and abilities together. It's nice when you are out shopping or walking in the local area and can say hello to people you know or recognise from Parkrun.

Parkrun Woodhouse Moor
Parkrun Woodhouse Moor

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