Fees for Mortgage Related Services and Tariff of Costs

Warning: Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Fees for Mortgage Related Services  
Subsequent redemption statement request £10
Certificate of loan interest £15
Despatch of title deeds/sealing £65
Title deeds storage £25
Copies of extracts from title deeds £25
Early redemption (for details of any early repayment charges see also individual mortgage product terms and conditions) £199
Duplicate mortgage statement £15
Copies of documentation £10
Transfer of repayment method £55
Term amendment £30
Surrender/release of endowment policy £25
Approval of tenancy (individual) £85
Approval of deed of variation/rectification/ restriction/substitution of security £50
Approval of easements/rights of way £50
Approval of second charge £35
Part release of property/security £65 on application
Second mortgage questionnaire £80
Lender’s reference £55
Certificate of ownership/title £15
Telegraphic transfer £35
Transfer of ownership fee £65
Payment of leasehold charges on behalf of a customer £50

Full details of any fees for HomeOwner loans are available on request.

Tariff of Costs  
Broken arrangement £30
Arrears administration charge £100
Miscellaneous calculations up to £50
Arrangement of arrears visit £50
Unpaid cheques/Direct Debit £27.50
Outgoing arrears letter £27.50
Possession administration £350
Tracing instruction £30

Arrears costs: If your account goes into arrears, there may also be costs for the work carried out by us, our solicitors or other agents. These may not be included in the Tariff of Costs above. Full details can be obtained from our Collections Department on 0113 225 7972 or 0113 225 7973.

Please note that other costs may also apply.

Mortgage Valuation Fees

The Society’s fees in relation to obtaining a valuation are listed below. The fee includes a minimum administration charge of £100 (further details available on request). If a reinspection is required, a fee of £60 will be charged. In certain cases a revaluation will be required and a fee of £70 will be charged. Receipt of a valuation fee will not bind the Society to grant any advance.

The Mortgage Valuation Report is prepared for the Society and not for you, the borrower. It only answers the Society’s questions concerning whether the property is suitable security for lendingpurposes, and does not imply the price is reasonable or if the property has any defects.

Don’t rely upon a mortgage valuation to cover all your questions and concerns about the property. The best way to reach an informed decision on the property you are wishing to buy is to have a professional survey and valuation carried out on your behalf. The surveyor will advise you on the value and condition and will undertake a more detailed inspection for you.

Purchase Price or Valuation not exceeding Fee
Up to £100,000 £230
Up to £150,000 £270
Up to £200,000 £335
Up to £250,000 £360
Up to £300,000 £405
Up to £350,000 £450
Up to £400,000 £510
Up to £500,000 £560
Up to £700,000 £710
Up to £1m £950
Up to £2m £1,400
Over £2m By referral

PLEASE NOTE: cheques must be made payable to Leeds Building Society, followed by the applicant’s name(s). We can no longer accept cheques payable to Leeds Building Society only. Failure to complete cheques correctly will delay the application.