Our previous system – frequently asked questions

  • What should I use the previous system for?

    You should use it for any cases you submitted through our previous system.

    An easy way to tell is by seeing what your case number starts with. If it starts with a number, you should use our previous system. If it starts with an ‘L’, you should use Mortgage Hub.

  • How do I arrange payment of mortgage fees?

    There’s a section in the mortgage application where you’ll need to input the card details to pay the fees. The quickest way to pay using a debit or credit card is through our payment provider WorldPay.

    If you can’t pay online, we can take the payment over the phone.

  • Why is the product I want not in the drop down box?

    If you can’t find the product you want, this might be because:

    • it’s been withdrawn
    • you’ve exceeded the product’s LTV limit
    • you’ve chosen the wrong kind of mortgage

    Need to edit the application? Download our step-by-step guide on how to amend a DIP (PDF).

  • I've forgotten my password/my password is locked out. What should I do?

    Call us and we’ll reset your password.

  • I've been timed out. What should I do?

    You’ll be logged out if you’re inactive for 15 minutes. If you were completing a mortgage application and had completed the first three pages, your progress will have been saved. If not, you’ll need to start the application again.

  • I'm having problems with your secure email service. What should I do?

    Download our secure email help PDF to find out more.

  • How can I get an update on the case?

    On the application you should see ‘Account/Application status’. This will give you an idea of what stage the application is at. Or you can get in touch for a full update.

  • I've submitted my case, but I need to change the property to be mortgaged. What should I do?

    You'll need to submit the application again but through Mortgage Hub.

  • How do I amend a case that's already been offered?

    Simply reply to one of our secure emails with the mortgage account number and the details of what needs to be changed.

  • How do I print a copy of the application?

    You can only print a copy once you’ve fully submitted the application. You’ll see an option to ‘Print application’ in the main menu under the application.

  • Why isn't the case being processed?

    The case won’t be processed until you’ve paid the full valuation and application fees, and sent in any documentation we need.

  • How do I add a lending partner to my account?

    Email us at registrations@leedsbuildingsociety.co.uk with your customer number and details of the lending partner you want to add.

  • How do I choose your fee assisted remortgage solicitors?

  • How do I change the case from a single to a joint application?

    You'll need to submit the application again but through Mortgage Hub.

  • How do I get a mortgage illustration for a porting/guarantor case?

    You can’t process these on this system. You’ll need to click on the ‘Illustration requests’ link from the top menu.

  • I've tried logging into my account but get the message 'Cookies appear not to be enabled on your browser. Please enable cookies and try the logon procedure again'.

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    Our website uses several different types of cookies. For example, the reasons we use cookies include: to help us understand how people use our website, to improve your experience of our website and to make our website easier to use by remembering information previously entered. We don’t use cookies to collect any personally identifiable information about you. You can find out more about how we use cookies and how you can control and delete cookies by looking at our cookie policy.  

    If you’ve enabled cookies and you’re still getting this message, there might be a problem with your login details. Call us to have your password unlocked or reset.

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