Please note:

Mortgage Processing - Current Service Standards

01/07/2022 at 10.50

Please note the below timescales are an average based on the last 30 working days - there may be some cases that go outside of this average.

  • Underwriting Turnaround

    Excludes day of receipt, on average:

    1.2 working days

    Some applications won't require an underwrite.

  • Pre and Post Offer Correspondence

    Excludes day of receipt, on average:

    1.9 working days
  • Offer Turnaround

    Mainstream: 14.9 working days

    This includes New Builds

    BTL: 14.5 working days

    This includes all BTL segments

    Other: 15.2 working days

    This includes Affordable Housing, Second Homes, RIO

  • Telephone Service Level

    1 minute 1 second
  • Product Transfer Period

    Currently, Product Transfers are completed within seven working days of us receiving a signed offer acceptance form. Please note, this timeframe doesn't include the date of receipt.

    7 working days