Mortgage charges and valuation fees

The Society’s fees in relation to obtaining a valuation are listed below

In certain cases a revaluation will be required and a fee of £70 will be charged. Receipt of a valuation fee will not bind the Society to grant any advance.

The borrower should not rely upon a mortgage valuation to cover all their questions and concerns about the property. The best way to reach an informed decision on the property they are wishing to buy is to have a professional survey and valuation carried out on their own behalf. The surveyor will advise them on the value and condition and will undertake a more detailed inspection for them.

Mortgage valuation fees

Purchase Price or Valuation not exceeding Fee
£100,000 £230
£150,000 £270
£200,000 £335
£250,000 £360
£300,000 £405
£350,000 £450
£400,000 £510
£500,000 £560
£1,000,000 £749
£2,000,000 £999
Over £2,000,000 By referral

Homebuyer survey and valuation fees

Purchase Price or Valuation not exceeding Fee
Up to £50,000 £330
Up to £100,000 £420
Up to £150,000 £500
Up to £200,000 £550
Up to £250,000 £630
Up to £300,000 £740
Up to £350,000 £850
Up to £400,000 £960
Up to £500,000 £1,150
Up to £600,000 £1,400
Up to £700,000 £1,500
Up to £800,000 £1,650
Up to £900,000 £1,750
Up to £1m £1,950
Up to £2m £2,250
Over £2m By referral

Building survey and valuation fees

Purchase Price or Valuation not exceeding Building survey and valuation fee
Up to £50,000 £830
Up to £75,000 £840
Up to £100,000 £950
Up to £150,000 £960
Up to £200,000 £1,100
Up to £250,000 £1,150
Up to £300,000 £1,250
Up to £350,000 £1,350
Up to £400,000 £1,450
Up to £500,000 £1,650
Up to £600,000 £1,900
Up to £700,000 £2,000
Up to £800,000 £2,150
Up to £900,000 £2,250
£1,000,000 £2,450
£2,000,000 £2,750
When you will pay this charge Name of charge What this charge is for How much is the charge?
Before your first monthly payment
These are the fees and charges you may have to pay before we transfer your mortgage funds.
Funds transfer fee Electronically transferring the mortgage funds to you or your solicitor. £35
Legal fee You will normally instruct a solicitor to act on your behalf in connection with your home purchase transaction. You may be required to pay their legal fees and costs as part of their work on your behalf. These fees/costs are normally charged by the solicitor, directly to you unless we tell you that we will contribute to the legal costs as part of your product deal. Variable, these fees are charged by the Solicitor directly to you
Product fee This is charged on some mortgages as part of the deal. It can be paid up-front or added to the total mortgage amount. If you add it to your mortgage, you’ll pay interest on it at the same rate as the rest of your borrowing. It might be a flat fee, or a percentage of the loan amount. Varies by product. Details available upon request
Re-inspection fee If your mortgage is released in stages and you’re using it to renovate your home, this covers the new valuation we need to do after the work’s carried out. £70
Re-valuation fee If the original valuation of property was carried out more than 6 months ago a revaluation will need to be carried out to assess the property’s current value. £70
If you ask us for extra documentation and/or services beyond the standard management of your account Payment of leasehold charges on behalf of borrower Charged where we pay your landlord or management company for any ground rent or service charge due on your leasehold property, in the event you do not do so. £50
Approval of deed of variation/rectification/restriction/substitution of security Charged to cover an alteration to the existing title of your property £50
Approval of easements/right of way Charged to cover an alteration to the existing title of your property £50
Miscellaneous calculations Charged to cover any miscellaneous costs not already covered in this Tariff of Mortgage Charges. up to £50
Surrender/Release of endowment policy Charged when you request us to release an endowment policy assigned to your mortgage. £25
Title deeds storage Charged by us each year that you ask us to store your title deeds on your behalf. £25
If you change your mortgage
NB If you change to a new mortgage product, the 'before your first monthly payment' fees may also apply at this stage
Partial release of property fee Payable if you want to remove part of the property or land from the mortgage. It covers administration costs including sealing the relevant legal deed and issuing letters of consent. £65
Change of parties administration fee Our administrative costs of adding or removing someone (a ‘party’) from the mortgage. £65
Change of term fee Extending or reducing the remaining term of your mortgage. £30
Consent to let fee If you want to let your property but don’t have a buy-to-let mortgage, you’ll pay this for each 'consent to let' agreement, where we agree to you letting out your property for a set period within your existing owner-occupier mortgage. £85
Transfer fee Charged when you transfer your mortgage loan from one mortgage product to a new one. Varies
Despatch of title deeds/sealing fee Covers the costs when your Title Deeds are requested by and sent to your solicitor. £65
If you are unable to pay your mortgage
These are the most common charges you may have to pay if you fail to keep up with your mortgage payments. Some charges, for example those covering unpaid/returned direct debits or cheques, occur at the early stages of your inability to pay (arrears). Other charges, for example, relating to our repossession of the property, may apply later in the process and will be dependent on your circumstances.
Unpaid/returned direct debit or cheque Payable when your nominated bank rejects a direct debit collection, or your payment by cheque is returned unpaid by your bank. £27.50
Broken arrangement Payable when you fail to keep to a special arrangement for paying back the arrears on your mortgage. £30
Arrangement of arrears visit Charged when a field agent is instructed to visit your home. £50
Outgoing arrears letter Charged to cover the administration of issuing an arrears chase letter. £27.50
Possession administration Charged to cover any administration of setting up the eviction including taking possession, marketing and sale of the property. £350
Tracing instruction Charged when a trace is carried out by the Society. £30
Ending your mortgage term Early repayment charge (ending your mortgage) You may be charged this if you repay your mortgage in full before the mortgage term ends. Varies
Mortgage exit fee You may have to pay this if:
  • Your mortgage term comes to an end;
  • You transfer the loan to another lender; or
  • Transfer borrowing from one property to another.
This is payable either at the end of the mortgage term, or before the end of your mortgage term if you transfer the loan to another lender or another property (known as 'redemption').
You may be charged a separate fee by your solicitor or licensed or qualified conveyancer for their work relating to redemption of the mortgage and discharge of the security.
If you have a offset account
These fees relate to your offset savings account
Request for documents Requesting copies of documents such as cheques or statements. £5 per item or page
Funds Transfer Fee
Electronically transferring funds from your account by CHAPS. £20 per transfer
Funds Transfer Fee Electronically transferring funds from your account by IMO (International Money Order). £25 per transfer
Other Charges Other charges may be applied to accounts that operate outside of the agreed account terms and conditions. These will be advised when charged

PLEASE NOTE: cheques must be made payable to Leeds Building Society, followed by the applicant’s name(s). We can no longer accept cheques payable to Leeds Building Society only. Failure to complete cheques correctly will delay the application.


Arrears costs: If your account goes into arrears, there may also be costs for work carried out by us, our solicitors or other agents. These may not be included in the Tariff of Costs above. Full details can be obtained by contacting us. Please note that other costs may also apply.


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