Reach Mortgages

Our Reach Mortgages are a new range of residential mortgages. They're here to help put home ownership in reach of people who may otherwise face barriers to buying a home.

What are Reach Mortgage products?

  • Our new Reach Mortgage range puts home ownership into the reach of more people.
  • The range gives options to customers whose credit score means they aren’t eligible for a standard product.

Take a look at the full list of our products, where you’ll find our Reach Mortgage range.

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Who are Reach Mortgages for?

  • Residential customers who are new to Leeds Building Society.
  • Customers wanting to buy a new home or remortgage their current property.
  • Customers who want to apply for more than 75% LTV.

How do Reach Mortgages work?

It’s the same process for brokers as a standard residential mortgage.

  1. Simply submit your Decision in Principle, or DIP in the usual way.
  2. The DIP outcome will confirm if your client is eligible for a product from our standard mortgage range, or our Reach Mortgage range.
  3. If they’re eligible for the Reach Mortgage range, it’s important you reassess the suitability of these products and any advice you have given your client. The products are on sourcing systems and identifiable as “Reach”.
  4. Progress the application – if you decide to proceed with a Reach Mortgage, there’s no need to start again, just pick up the DIP outcome where you left off. Your client will still need to meet our affordability and standard lending criteria.
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