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4 Stars! Thanks for voting for us!

The Financial Adviser Service Awards has long since established itself as the gold standard for service providers within the financial services sector. What makes it so significant is that it’s intermediaries like you that rate service providers like us across a number of key measures. We are both delighted and grateful to be voted 4 Stars once again.

As a Society, we’re committed to providing a great service to you, so you can provide a great service to your customers. To do this, we’ve been developing our product range and innovating the ways you do business with us, and this award is testament to that, but shows we still have some work to do.

So, what have we done to deserve 4 stars?

Improving our business processing

Since we launched Mortgage Hub last year, we’ve connected to XPlan and Trigold and most recently Mortgage Brain, with Twenty7tec integration coming shortly. Crucially, this reduces the need to manually rekey most of your customer’s information when submitting cases, saving time and limiting the risk of inputting errors.

Our pandemic response

Our BDMs were at the end of the phone, or on the other side of the screen throughout the pandemic. Over the last 18 months our TBDMs alone managed 114,052 webchats and 64,916 calls, ensuring our BDMs could meet with our intermediaries’ needs. We ensured we had the right number of colleagues, working in the right areas and increased resource in our Mortgage Lending Department and our Service Desk teams. Moreover, we reduced our mainstream offer turnaround time by 8 days.

Maintained our product focus on your customers’ needs

Throughout the pandemic, we remained at 95% loan to value (LTV) in Shared Ownership. In fact, we were the largest lender to do so. We’ve also improved our interest coverage ratio (ICR) for basic rate taxpayers when applying for Buy to Let (BTL) cases. We maintained our flexible approach, with over 100 products, whatever your customers’ needs, we should have the product to suit.

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