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We're making more changes to make things easier

We’re committed to making changes to our technology that make business easier for brokers.  For example, last year we integrated our Mortgage Hub platform with leading sourcing systems  and now we’re improving our technology even more - giving you more time to handle workloads, interact with clients, and manage more complex cases.

We’ve just made three key changes to future-proof, speed up, and improve caseload management.

  1. No more physical signatures

We’re removing the need to physically sign and return the Customer Declaration form, helping to speed up the application process, and we’ve swapped out signature fields for tick boxes across the application process. This is something we know our brokers have been asking for, and a chance for us to show our commitment to responding to feedback and investing in innovation. We want to let you know that this change also means the Intermediary Terms of Business has been updated.

  1. Automatic valuation instruction

Another change to speed up the application process, valuations will now be automatically instructed on day 1 of the mortgage application process. This is, on average, five days earlier than it was previously. We’ve also introduced Automatic Valuation Modelling (AVM) on new purchases, reducing the reliance on physical valuations for cases meeting the required criteria, speeding up the application process.

  1. A single case requirement email

Brokers will now receive all case requirement communications in one single email. This will help brokers manage workload priorities more effectively. Another positive of this update is that we’re emitting less carbon as we’re sending less emails.

We’re confident that these changes will have a positive impact for brokers and clients, as we aim to make completing a mortgage application as quick and easy as possible.

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