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We’re committed to the Mortgage Charter

We’re supporting the Mortgage Charter for all lenders, which was announced on 23 June to provide further help for people worried about their mortgage payments.

The new support measures include giving people who are up to date with their payments options to:

  • Switch to an Interest Only deal for six months
  • Extend their mortgage term to reduce their monthly payments with the option to switch back to the original term within the first six months

These options can be taken without the need for an affordability check, or any impact on their credit score. The options apply to residential mortgages only.

The measures also include a commitment that we won’t repossess homes within 12 months of the first missed payment.

Other ways we can help

We’re already supporting our mortgage customers by not charging any arrears fees since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. We also give customers approaching the end of a fixed rate mortgage the chance to switch to a new deal up to six months ahead.

We also have a dedicated team on hand to help those customers who may be struggling with payments or who have money worries.

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