Your property could be repossessed if you don't keep up your mortgage repayments.

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We've launched our Reach Mortgage range

We believe every generation deserves a place to call home. That’s why we’re putting home ownership in reach of more people with the launch of our new Reach Mortgages.

The new products offer eligible customers a more accessible range of mortgages if their credit score means they don’t qualify for one of our standard mortgage products. This means we’re opening another route into home ownership for those who may otherwise face barriers – including first time buyers.

Earlier in the year we led the market by working with Experian Boost to take boosted credit scores into consideration when aspiring homeowners apply for a mortgage. By introducing initiatives like this and the products in our Reach Mortgage range, we’re aiming to increase the number of mortgage applications we accept and help more people get on the housing ladder.

How does it work?

Only eligible clients will be given the option of applying for a product in the Reach Mortgage range.

When you submit a Decision in Principle (DIP), our system will confirm if your client is eligible for a product from our standard mortgage range, or our Reach Mortgage range. If they’re eligible for the Reach Mortgage range, it’s important you reassess the suitability of these products and any advice you have given your client. The products are on sourcing systems and identifiable as “Reach”.

If proceeding with a Reach Mortgage, you can pick up the application where you left off - as usual it will be subject to meeting our affordability and standard lending criteria.

Offering a solution for those who may have otherwise faced the possibility of being turned down for a mortgage is a vital step in helping make home ownership a reality for more people, generation after generation.

Find out more about our Reach Mortgage range and look out for it on sourcing systems from today.

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