Minimum Equity Finder

We require your client to hold sufficient equity in the mortgaged property to enable them to downsize to a different property, where the sale of a mortgaged property is used as a repayment strategy. The minimum equity value depends on the area your client intends to downsize to.

Simply enter the first 2 letters of the postcode area your client will downsize to (e.g. LS, NW) to see how much they require as minimum equity.


*This tool will only assess the minimum equity required and does not guarantee acceptance. Your client will also be subject to our full underwriting process.

It is your client's responsibility to ensure that they have sufficient funds to repay the amount borrowed on an Interest Only basis and (where applicable) any accrued interest at the end of the term.

To know more about our repayment strategies or lending criteria please have a look at our criteria guide or for our Interest Only products range view Interest Only mortgages.

Please note: