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Losthaven, a city filling up fast with a generation of lost first-time buyers.

You won't find it on a map. But that doesn’t mean it’s not real. Our new research shows that every day 233* people face being priced out of the housing market. And over the next 5 years an additional 426,000* people, a city the size of Coventry, are unlikely to get on the housing ladder.

We believe every generation deserves a place to call home. So, we're on a mission to do something about it. The UK needs a long-term plan for housing, that’s why we’re pushing for change and urging those in power to make this happen.

*Source: Independent assessments of future housing transactions commissioned by Leeds Building Society, September 2023.

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If you can’t get on the ladder and Losthaven is the city you have no choice but to call home, or you stand with the unwilling residents then join our campaign for a long-term plan for housing.

Share your #losthaven story or head to our Instagram or X page and support
the need for real action to fix the UK housing crisis.

Action, not words

Last year we published our seven-point plan to tackle the UK’s home ownership crisis. Our latest analysis further supports the need to make housing more available, affordable and accessible to all.

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Standing up for first time buyers

We’re playing our part to help those who want to get on the ladder but can’t.

That’s because we believe every generation deserves a place to call home.

How we’re building the future

Are you an unwilling resident who has a story to share?

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