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The mortgaged property (which may be your home) may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

Implications of applying online

If you apply for a mortgage online you will not receive advice from Leeds Building Society. You will need to make your own choice about which mortgage is suitable for you and we will not assess the suitability of that mortgage to your needs and circumstances. You will not benefit from the protections offered by an advised service. This is called an execution only transaction. If you would like to receive advice call us on 03452 344 041.

Step 1 - Approval in Principle

Obtaining a quick lending decision takes approximately 10 minutes.

Based on the information you tell us we will advise you if we will be able to provide you with a mortgage.

An Approval in Principle involves the Society carrying out a credit check on you. You can save the lending decision, and either proceed to Step 2 (Full Mortgage Application) or complete your application later.

Step 2 - Full Mortgage Application

If you have found a property that you wish to buy and your offer has been accepted, you are in a position to apply for a mortgage in full. This stage of the application process will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Just to make you aware, the Society no longer offers Short Term Income Protection (STIP) products. Any reference or information given regarding STIP products during your application will not be processed.

Before proceeding with any application (whether this is an application in principle and/or a full application) please review our Important Mortgage Information page first.

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A comprehensive mortgage Illustration will provide you with extensive details about the mortgage, its terms and how they will affect your payments, allowing you to easily compare it with other mortgage loans.

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