The mortgaged property (which may be your home) may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

Switching to a new deal

When you reach the end of your mortgage deal, why not look at switching to a new deal with Leeds Building Society?

You won't have to pay any legal or valuation fees when you switch to a new deal. And because you're an existing customer, we won't carry out credit or affordability checks, unless you're making other changes to your mortgage (such as the term).

How does it work?

1. Choose a new mortgage deal. You can do this online, or you can speak to a mortgage advisor. You can reserve a new deal up to three months before your current one runs out.

2. Once you've chosen a new mortgage deal, we'll send you all the details within three working days.

3. If you're happy to go ahead with the offer, sign the form in your offer pack and send it back. You need to do this within 30 days.

4. Wait for your new mortgage to start. If your old deal has already finished, we'll usually be able to process the new deal as soon as we receive your signed offer form. If your current mortgage deal is still going, your new one can start shortly after it ends.

If you're a new customer looking to switch from your current lender to Leeds Building Society, have a look at our remortgaging page.


Ready to Switch?

  • Option 1: Advised

    If you're not sure what kind of mortgage product you'd like, we recommend speaking to one of our mortgage experts. They'll recommend a suitable mortgage based on your needs and circumstances - and all for free.

    By choosing an advised service, you'll be protected by the mortgage advice rules of the Financial Conduct Authority.

    Call us on 03450 50 50 64 to arrange an appointment

    Our lines are open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and 9am-2pm on Saturday.

    Find out what to expect during your telephone appointment.

  • Option 2: Execution Only

    If you know what mortgage deal you want, and you don't want to make any other changes to your mortgage (such as changing the term or repayment method), you can choose our execution only service.

    With this option, you can apply for your new mortgage online.

    If you pick execution only, we won't be able to help you decide if your chosen mortgage deal is right for you. You won't get the same FCA protections that you would with an advised service (see option 1).

    If you have taken a mortgage payment holiday

    Please bear in mind, the monthly payment amount quoted is an estimate. As such, it will be slightly lower than the monthly payment due once your payment holiday ends. We’ll write to you when your payment holiday ends to confirm your monthly mortgage payment figure.

We may monitor and/or record your telephone conversation with the Society to ensure consistent service levels (including colleague training).

Please note: the information above relating to advice, execution only and Financial Conduct Authority protections do not apply to ‘Buy to Let’ mortgages which are for business purposes as these are exempt from the Financial Conduct Authority rules.