Your property could be repossessed if you don't keep up your mortgage repayments.

Add or remove someone from your mortgage

If you want to add or remove somebody from your mortgage, (this is also known as Transfer of Equity) there are a number of steps involved and you’ll need our permission to do so. Here’s what to expect:

  • Firstly, you will need to make an appointment with us where we will complete an application. For all applicants who'll be on the mortgage, we will need to see confirmation of income and expenditure. Our 'What to expect' checklist contains details of some of the key information you'll need prior to your appointment
  • You will need to instruct a solicitor to act on your behalf in the transaction who will prepare the necessary legal documents on our behalf. You will be liable for their costs/charges in connection with this transaction
  • If there is negative equity (i.e. current mortgage balance exceeds current valuation) we may be unable to process the transfer
  • If the Transfer of Equity is approved, a fee of £65 will be payable
  • Our current average time to make a Transfer of Equity offer is around 20 working days from the date of your application. This may change depending on how quickly you send us the information we need from you. Once you have an offer, your solicitor will handle the legal work. This can take up to six months in some cases.

The next step

If you would like to proceed, you’ll need to book an appointment with one of our friendly advisers. You can do this by simply contacting your local branch or by calling us on 03450 50 22 30.

Call us on 03450 50 22 30 to arrange an appointment

Your appointment

During your appointment, you'll be asked a number of questions about your income and expenditure to help us understand your circumstances and assess your application. We've created a handy 'What to expect' checklist which you can download using the following link.

Download our 'What to expect' checklist

We may monitor and/or record your telephone conversation with the Society to ensure consistent service levels (including colleague training).