Customer Support

We are delighted to be able to offer you our fully online service. Like all new systems however it may take you a while to get used to submitting applications through us in this manner.

This page is designed to help you with any specific problems you may be having.

I’m having trouble creating a Mortgage Illustration/Approval in Principle (AIP)/Full App - I keep getting the following message: “An error occurred due to an unexpected result. We apologise for any inconvenience. This may be due to cookies being disabled…”

This isn’t actually a cookie issue but is a problem the system has with non-Leeds Building Society instructed valuations. Please ensure you select that you instruct Leeds Building Society to undertake the valuation. This can then be clarified later in the “Addition Information” section of the full application. Here you can give us details of the valuation you’ve already instructed. This issue is being addressed and will be fixed shortly.

I can’t select the required mortgage online or submit the type of case I need.

You will be able to produce Illustrations/AIPs and full applications through our website for the majority of our mortgages, however it does not currently cater for:

  • Shared Ownership,
  • Right To Buy,
  • 100% mortgages or
  • Ported Cases.

We hope to add all of these types of cases to our Online range in the near future so please check back soon.

I’ve tried logging into my account but get the message “Cookies appear not to be enabled on your browser. Please enable cookies and try the logon procedure again.”

A cookie is a small text file that is created and stored on the hard drive of your computer. We would like to assure customers that the cookies we use do not contain your personal information and are only used to improve our service to you.

Leeds Building Society use cookies to track the number of users visiting our site and their progress through certain pages. This information allows us to design the site specifically to suit our users needs. We also use cookies to make sure pop-up windows only appear a limited number of times.

For help in enabling or disabling cookies visit the manufacturers website via the links below:

Help with Internet Explorer »

If you have enabled Cookies and continue to get this message there may be a problem with your log-in details. Please call us to have your password unlocked or reset.

I’ve had my AIP referred and subsequently accepted however some of the information has now changed and I want to edit the AIP. Why does this cause an error?

Once you have submitted a AIP to us we would expect you to proceed with a full application once it’s been accepted. Although there is an “Edit AIP” function the ability to change information is not enabled. If your clients circumstances have changed and another AIP is required then please start a new one.

If you have a technical issue that is not listed here then please call us..