Press office - 2020

Annual General Meeting results 2020

As a mutual building society, each year we invite members to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM). Due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) advice issued by the Government and Public Health England together with the closure of the AGM venue, the Society made significant changes to the 2020 AGM, including a new time and venue. The AGM was due to take place at 11am on 3rd April 2020 at the Leeds Marriott Hotel, but was adjourned to 12pm, and took place at the Society’s Head Office, 105 Albion Street, Leeds. The Society continues to be owned and controlled by its members and we seek to ensure the Society remains successful and independent, putting your needs and contributions central to our decisions without the involvement of external shareholders.

At the AGM held on the 3rd April 2020 our members have voted overwhelmingly in favour of all the resolutions. So we would like to say a big thank you to all members who took the time to vote this year. Details of the full results are set out below.

  Votes in favour Votes against Votes withheld Majority in favour
Resolution 1 To receive the Report and Accounts
   61,284  594  545  99.04%
Resolution 2 To re-appoint Deloitte LLP as Auditors
   59,300  2,258  861  96.33%
Resolution 3 To approve the Directors’ Remuneration Report
   55,521  5,504  1,389  90.98%
Election/Re-election of directors  
(a) To elect Andrew Peter Conroy  59,464  1,771  1,190  97.11%
(b) To re-elect Annette Marie Barnes  59,354  2,060  1,005  96.65%
(c) To elect Iain Charles Andrew Cornish  59,255  2,057  1,114  96.65%
(d) To re-elect Richard Guy Fearon  59,108  2,187  1,130  96.43%
(e) To re-elect David Fisher  58,890  2,369  1,164  96.13%
(f) To re-elect Andrew John Greenwood  59,269  2,035  1,123  96.68%
(g) To re-elect Gareth John Hoskin  58,973  2,305  1,147  96.24%
(h) To re-elect John Anthony Hunt  59,269  1,999  1,156  96.74%
(i) To re-elect Lynn Reston McManus  59,231  2,182  1,007  96.45%


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