How to Prove Your Identity

Opening your account

To open an account by post you will need to provide:

  • A completed and signed application form
  • A deposit for the account (a personal cheque is preferred).

If an account is to be opened for an individual aged under 18 years, the following documentation will also be required:

  • Original birth certificate for the child; and/or
  • Valid UK or EU passport for the child (or a certified copy).

Verifying your identity

Under the Money Laundering Regulations and Financial Conduct Authority rules, we are required to verify the name, address and date of birth of investors. To do this, we will ordinarily use an electronic verification system.

For branch applications, you will also need to supply additional proof of your identity, preferably in the form of a full UK or EU photo driving licence or a valid UK or EU passport. For postal applications, you will need to supply a certified copy of one of the above documents and an original utility bill which is less than 3 months old (not a mobile phone bill). For details of other forms of acceptable identification, please contact your local branch (for branch applications) or call our customer helpline (for branch and postal applications).

Existing Customers

If you already have an open account with us, you do not ordinarily need to provide any proof of your name or address. Please ensure you write your existing account number in the space provided on the application form.

We will return the original documents to you after we have opened your account.