Cheque fraud

When someone purposefully gives you a cheque that they know you can’t cash, it is known as 'Cheque fraud'.

Types of cheques used for cheque frauds:

  • Stolen cheques – Intercepted in the post.

  • Altered/tampered cheques – Payee amounts and/or names may have been either altered or the security features of the cheque may have been tampered with.

  • Counterfeit cheques – a completely fictitious cheque.

  • Forged cheques – where the signature on the cheque has been forged.

Things to watch out for:

  • Something suspicious with the way a cheque is written or the look and feel of the cheque.

  • Cheques that are for greater amounts than what you asked for.

  • If you are selling goods online and a potential buyer;

    • does not negotiate over the price

    • does not ask to view the item they want to buy.

Quick tips to stay safe:

  • Only accept a cheque or Banker’s Draft from individuals you trust.

  • Don't give/provide any goods or services until the cheque has cleared.

  • Do not accept a cheque for a greater amount than is requested.

  • If you have paid a cheque into your account with us, which you believe to be fraudulent, let us know immediately by calling us on 03450 50 50 75. Our lines are open Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm and Sat: 9am - 5pm.

  • Don't pre-sign any blank cheques.

  • Always ensure no spaces are left, if there is space put a line through for no additions.

  • Write clear amounts, include the account holder's name.

  • Report lost or stolen cheque books immediately.