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Our AGM 2023 results are now available

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An AGM is the meeting of the members of an organisation. Each year we invite all eligible members to vote and help shape the future of the Society.

It's a great opportunity to have your say and vote to select the candidate directors to sit on our board and decide how the Society is run. A director will only be elected or re-elected if the majority of votes from members are in favour - so your vote empowers them to make decisions in your best interests.





The 2023 Meeting


The AGM was held at 11am on Wednesday 19 April 2023 at Leeds Marriott Hotel, 4 Trevelyan Square, Boar Lane, Leeds, LS1 6ET.

This year, we were pleased to once again invite members to attend the AGM in person.

At the meeting, members heard an update from the Society’s Chief Executive Officer Richard Fearon and Chair Iain Cornish.

They also had the opportunity to ask questions and vote on the AGM resolutions.

Let's keep the conversation going

As a mutual, you’re at the heart of every decision we make. So it’s important we’re always listening to what you have to say. We’d really like your 2023 AGM vote to just be the start of an exciting, ongoing conversation between us. Here are a few ways you can stay in touch, all year round: