Fairer Finance

We’ve struck gold once again with Fairer Finance

We’re delighted to announce that once again our savings accounts have been awarded a Gold Ribbon from Fairer Finance.

This award means a lot to us as it’s based on customer experience. Using Fairer Finance’s unique ratings, a Gold Ribbon recognises:

  • how happy our customers are
  • how much they trust us
  • how well we handle complaints
  • how transparent we are

What a Gold Ribbon means for you

Our Gold Ribbon lets you know we've performed better than the majority of savings providers rated by Fairer Finance (ranked 6th position of 49 providers reviewed). It means we excel at keeping customers happy, handling complaints, explaining our savings accounts clearly and making it easy to apply.

Who are Fairer Finance?

The people at Fairer Finance are committed to creating a fairer financial services market for customers. They want a world where consumers trust and even love banks, building societies and insurers. How? By encouraging a better customer experience wherever possible.

That’s something we agree with, which is why we’re so delighted to have received a Gold Ribbon Award. You can find out more on their website where you can also access free advice and support.