People & Places

Looking after our colleagues and the places where we operate

Why is it important?

Plans are nothing without people. The Society is committed to giving its colleagues great working environments and the opportunity to achieve their potential, whilst also playing its part in the wider world by making its branches and offices more energy efficient.

What we're already doing

Diversity and inclusion

We believe that the diversity of our people, including but not limited to gender, strengthens our leadership team and, therefore, the effectiveness of its independence, judgement and decision making. In support of this, we have developed a Diversity and Inclusion strategy, with an ambition ‘to have an inclusive culture, which enables colleagues with a diverse range of skills, experiences, backgrounds and opinions to flourish, without barriers’ and unconscious bias.

Reducing energy consumption

In 2017 we finished the refurbishment of our entire branch network, improving the experience for members and introducing energy efficient LED lighting as standard. We took steps to reduce the environmental impact of the changes at every step of the way. 101 counters, 166 desks and 3,120 sq. metres of carpet were recycled. All furniture not fit for re-use was chipped for bio-fuel or cattle bedding and less than 2% of waste was sent to landfill.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Between 2016 and 2017 we reduced our carbon emissions by 91% or 1,130,000 kg CO2 according to a ‘market based’ methodology that takes into account both the energy efficiency measures and the procurement of renewable electricity. That’s the equivalent of taking 530 cars off the road for a year.

Using our office space for good

During a review of our property portfolio we took the decision to offer a local charity, Holbeck Elderly Aid office space rent free for five years. Contractors, working on a wider refurbishment of our branches, offered their time and labour for free to fit out and decorate the Holbeck premises.

All statistical references referred to throughout this article come from the Leeds Building Society Annual Report and Accounts 2017.

Our 2017 - 2020 targets

  • Achieve above-average colleague engagement scores of over 70%.
  • Recycle all paper and use 100% green tariff energy from our energy suppliers.
  • Reduce carbon emissions across the business by 150,000 kg of CO2.

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