WARNING: The mortgaged property (which may be your home) may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Our annual results are in!

It’s that time of year again. We’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s on our annual results and brought them to you hot off the press…

Supporting our members

In what was an eventful year for the whole country, we once again supported our members by helping them save and have the home they want.

Take our mortgage lending for instance. We delivered net mortgage lending of almost £1 billion – helping us to grow our total mortgage balances at a faster rate than the rest of the market^, despite some challenging conditions.

Mortgage lending

On the other side of the coin, we’ve paid an average rate of 1.38% to our savers - compared to the rest of market average of 0.75%. That equates to an annual benefit to the Society’s savers of £88.5 million!*

Savings rates

Keeping an eye on the future

Thanks to careful management of our profits in recent years, we’re well placed to help our members in the future too. Our strong financial footing ensures we can look ahead with confidence.

Savings balances

We’re working hard towards developing and future-proofing the digital side of our service. Our aim is to provide an ever-improving online experience for all our members.

Despite a challenging market, we still managed to deliver a robust performance when it came to our profit before tax figures.

Profit before tax

On top of that, our planned move to a new head office in the heart of Leeds will help us work even more efficiently, further reducing our environmental footprint and operational costs along the way.

Total assets

A strong 2019 performance

As you can see from the figures, our commitment to steady sustainable growth is reflected in a strong 2019 performance – so a very big thanks to all our members, without whom we couldn’t have achieved such a good set of results.

Future proofing

^UK Finance: outstanding mortgage balances, YTD growth to Dec 2019 in UK residential mortgage balance (+6.1% to £16.7bn) was higher than the mortgage market growth of 3.1%.

*CACI’s CSDB, Stock, January 2019 to December 2019, latest data available.